SharePoint and Office 365 Services

Timlin Enterprises’ mission is to provide the best software development and project delivery expertise to our clients so they can realize maximum business performance, utilizing our extensive experience with Microsoft SharePoint and .NET.

We are not a firm that merely “places bodies in seats.” Our team of technology experts are committed consultants that are invested in making sure every client engagement is successful, and we foster a culture that encourages people to work together to understand each client’s specific needs and expectations, and go the extra mile to meet any challenges. 

We approach each client engagement with the utmost respect for the people and products within the client’s organization. Microsoft Silver Cloud_752_219.png

We are highly skilled consultants specializing in:

Our Approach

To be a successful technology consulting business, you need to be more than just expert technologists. It requires listening more than talking, being nimble and flexible in all approaches, devising solutions that address each client’s unique needs and budget, and, most of all, meeting – or exceeding – the desired goals. You need to work as an extension of your client’s business and treat their objectives as if they are your own.It’s not just about the technology; it’s about the people and their commitment.

At Timlin Enterprises, we are technologists at our core. We understand the intricacies of SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies and how best to utilize those to create the most impactful solutions for our clients.But we also understand how technology is part of the broader picture, and we establish true partnerships with our clients with the common goal of helping them achieve their overall business objectives.

Our business has experienced steady growth and includes a deep bench of highly experienced and engaged consultants that enables us to manage projects of all sizes, including very large and complex client engagements.

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