SharePoint Managed Services

Microsoft SharePoint is a robust application platform that greatly enhances workforce collaboration, enables access to information and streamlines business processes. SharePoint’s architecture is flexible and enables you, through configuration and customization, to extend its reach throughout an organization.

Providing a high degree of expert-level support for all of the features and capabilities of the application is extremely challenging for even the largest enterprises. Proper SharePoint support services requires subject matter experts in the following roles: Administrators, Power Users, Developers, and Architects. To staff for this expertise on a 24/7 basis is simply not cost effective.

Timlin offers an array of monthly support services designed to ease the burden of supporting SharePoint and increase the value of your investment in SharePoint. Timlin provides support services for both on premises, “private cloud” hosted, and Office 365 deployments. Key benefits of Timlin’s Managed SharePoint Services include:

  • Validation: Access to SharePoint experts with Validation and GxP experience
  • Expertise: Access to SharePoint experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time personnel
  • Budget: Fixed monthly costs result in more cost-effective budget management
  • Support: Receive the highest quality support for all of your SharePoint needs, including system-level support (monitoring, health checks, backup and Disaster Recovery plan review), developer tasks (configuration and customizations), and system administration-level support
  • Resources: All support is provided by US-based personnel. We do not utilize offshore resources.

Covering All Areas of SharePoint

Proactive Support and Monitoring

Timlin’s support is designed to eliminate critical system issues and resolve unexpected events as quickly as possible. Our service ensures that your sites are monitored, as we take proactive steps to greatly reduce critical issues from occurring. As part of the transition to using Timlin’s services, we complete a technical assessment of your SharePoint farm, allowing Timlin to become familiar with your farm configuration and identify any immediate administration requirements or goals. Timlin’s Managed SharePoint Services includes reviewing the search and ULS logs, management tools for monitoring critical components, infrastructure planning and reviews, proactive patching, and on-going recommendations. All of these steps ensure that you maintain a stable SharePoint environment for your users.

Problem and Issue Resolution

In spite of best efforts, issues often arise that require expertise to resolve. Our service offering provides issue support for all concerns; whether low priority or critical, our team is available to provide the required support. Timlin is in a unique position to provide problem resolution from end user application tier issues, to custom code debugging, to SharePoint administration and configuration issues. Timlin logs all tickets, enabling tracking and reporting on response times and time to resolution.

SharePoint Site Administration Support

SharePoint is a powerful application platform that enables Site Administrators to configure and modify the application to meet specific business requirements. Due to SharePoint’s size and capabilities, issues can arise without the proper oversight and governance. As a result, it is critical that your SharePoint Site Administrators have access to expert resources for guidance, assistance, and support. In addition, Timlin’s team of experts can assume responsibility for SharePoint Site Administration if your company does not currently have personnel to fill this role.

Support Plans

Timlin offers several support plans to meet your business requirements. Add-ons can be purchased for each plan to further refine the level of support, such as extended business day or faster response time.

Seamless Transition to Timlin Support

As part of our Managed Services, Timlin can perform a SharePoint assessment health check on your entire SharePoint farm(s). This assessment covers a review of all SharePoint components including hardware, system architecture, system services, content databases, search configuration, an inventory of the application components, and any application and system issues of note. We can also conduct end-user interviews to understand existing pain points, as well as current and potential future needs.

Expert-level Development and Architecture Support

Often, in order to maximize the value and user acceptance of your SharePoint implementation, custom coding and/or configuration enhances your solution. Timlin’s team of developers and architects can provide for all of your development needs, including the following capacities: building custom web parts and components, workflow design and development, integrating with other line of business systems, and customizations using SharePoint designer, as well as other development needs. We can deliver a full range of development services, giving you a one stop trusted SharePoint partner. 

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