Product Overview - ProjectSphere 

Connecting user-friendly task management to the project portfolio management functions of Project Server Online

Today, there’s a noticeable gap in project management solutions. On one end of the spectrum, there are simple, user-friendly task management tools that are not integrated into an overarching project management system. On the other end, there are larger-scale tools that support many project-management functions but don’t take the end user into account.

ProjectSphere combines the best of both worlds, with drag-and-drop task management that’s fully integrated into the project manager’s plan. End users can quickly and easily manage tasks using a graphical, user-friendly interface; while project managers can focus on resource planning, cost, portfolio planning and more.

task_management_tools.png pm_project_tools.png


Built on Office 365, ProjectSphere offers streamlined task management in an easy-to-use visual interface – with the capabilities to connect to the project manager’s hub. 




How it helps task users: 

  • Get an at-a-glance central overview of all projects
  • Add/remove attributes for projects and drill down into project details
  • Quickly view all assigned projects (for just yourself and/or for all users)
  • Apply any relevant data to tasks (images, notes, documents, links, lists, etc.)
  • View your plans in multiple ways depending on your needs
  • Create tasks and sub-tasks for yourself
  • Drag and drop plans and tasks across customizable “swim lanes”
  • See projects, task cards and progress, time tracking, timesheeting, and project history, all directly from Project Server



How it’s integrated into the project plan:

  • Task boards and task cards are directly generated from the project manager’s plan/Project Server Online
  • One central location allows PMs and task users to quickly organize, view, update and manage all projects and tasks
  • Projects can be tracked and managed against a defined baseline, with granular tracking and reporting
  • Data is fully accessible for Power BI and Excel reporting


ProjectSphere’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easier than ever for team members to enter and view time. And because ProjectSphere is built on the features of Project Server Online and Office 365, users can stay directly connected to updated project time allocations.

How it helps task users:

  • Enter time at the task level through visual task cards
  • Easily view time allocated and remaining on the task
  • Enjoy visual cues that show your status at the task level

How it’s integrated into the project plan: 

  • MainDashboard.pngEasy to set time baselines at a task level -- then track actuals and overages
  • Flexible timesheet approvals help ensure timesheets are reviewed and approved
  • Time entered by team members at the task level can flow directly into billing following timesheet approvals
  • Ability to quickly review tasks and projects to provide status reports
  • Easy to view time allocated and remaining on the task
  • Easy-to-navigate product dashboard to view and track key measurements across projects


In a cross-functional workplace, it’s all about efficiency. Project teams must continue to plan, collaborate and communicate without interruption or missing a beat. Here’s how ProjectSphere helps both task users and project managers do that: 

  • Less learning curve: ProjectSphere uses the core capabilities of Office 365 in addition to features of a platform that you’re already familiar with, such as: Microsoft Project, SharePoint Sites, Document Libraries, Delve, Workflows, Power BI, Excel, and Search. 
  • Simplified external communication. User-friendly features allow you to collaborate with your partners, vendors and other external sources; or provide project communications and document sharing with your customers.


ProjectSphere is designed for easy adoption – on both an enterprise level and across your team. Here’s why: 

For organizations 

  • Layered on top of Office 365
  • Can be added or removed from your existing environment with zero invasiveness or lost data
  • More secure - rather than transferring to another system, all data is securely kept within your own searchable ecosystem.

For users 

  • Easy-to-use interface, layered on top of Project Server data and SharePoint features 
  • Custom project site templates feature user-friendly designs that are fully integrated with ProjectSphere’s custom task cards and boards.


Schedule a demo and see how ProjectSphere can streamline project management for your organization.