Cloud Application Development

Timlin has always maintained a strong development team to support the needs of our 8020.jpgcustomers to build custom solutions to meet critical business needs.  In this age of cloud and SaaS delivered applications, many organizations have very specific business requirements that can only be met with custom solutions.   In addition, many organizations use custom built solutions to provide a distinct competitive advantage, critical in today's ultra-competetive environment.

Timlin engineers have been building custom applications across a broad range of technologies for over 20 years.   Our team brings expertise in .NET, ASP.NET MVC5, SharePoint, HTML5, JavaScript, Mobile and other technologies and deployment options in the cloud and on premise. 

Application Modernization and Migration

Do you have an on-premise application that you want to migrate to the cloud?  Want to ensure your application is architected so your first month cloud bill is not more than your current internal costs due to excessive memory usage of your application?

Our team can help define a strategy and roadmap for your migration to the cloud.   We will analyze your applications and if needed, make them cloud resource friendly.  Making best use of the features of a PaaS solution like Azure, we can quickly and efficiently build development and test environments, modify your application code as necessary, and migrate the solutions to a much more efficient and up to date cloud environment, resulting in enterprise class applications that can scale up (and back down) to meet demand. 

Custom Built, Cloud Native Applications

We can build you a custom-built solution architected to take advantage of the cloud.  Our full team of resources has expertise in business analysis, cloud architecture, project management, custom development and testing to ensure a successful development project.   We focus on building cloud native solutions using Azure PaaS to build scalable, elastic, high performing, highly available and cost efficient applications.   Using Microsoft Azure enables us to quickly deploy, test, and build solutions using an Agile approach that delivers you solutions that differentiate your business.

Integration Solutions Across Hybrid IT

With the tremendous proliferation of point SaaS solutions that are deployed across organizations, it is imperative that highly scalable, fast integrations be designed and built to meet today’s intensive data needs.  To bring your users an efficient, highly coupled experience, applications need to be integrated.  These applications live in the public cloud, on premise, and in private clouds.  Let us help you design and build custom integrations to tie your applications and business processes together, so your users are focused on the business, not on manipulating multiple applications to complete a business process. 

Mobile Enable Your Applications

We have extensive modifying and building mobile friendly solutions that will provide a consistent, high quality presentation to your users regardless of device.   Our user experience and front-end development team will deliver you a highly responsive web application experience, ensuring users can work efficiently on their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.